Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

At ITR, our Speech Language Pathologist provides direct patient care to a variety of patients on an acute, sub-acute outpatient basis.  Our speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a highly trained professional who will evaluate and treat adults who have a broad range of delays and disorders.  


  • Articulation - the way we say our speech sounds
  • Phonology – the speech patterns we use
  • Apraxia – difficulty planning and coordinating the movements needed to make speech sounds
  • Fluency – stuttering
  • Voice – problems with the way the voice sounds, such as hoarseness


  • Receptive Language – difficulty understanding language
  • Expressive Language – difficulty using language
  • Pragmatic Language – social communication; the way we speak to one another


  • Deafness/Hearing Loss – loss of hearing; therapy includes developing lip-reading, speech, and/or alternative communication systems
  • Communication and Swallowing disorders related to, traumatic brain injury, dementia, developmental, intellectual or genetic disorders and neurological impairments
  • Oral-Motor Disorders – weak tongue and/or lip muscles
  • Swallowing/Feeding Disorders – difficulty chewing and/or swallowing